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Electrical Equipment

  • Frequency Conversion Cabinet
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    Frequency Conversion Cabinet

    Frequency conversion cabinet Frequency conversion cabinet is composed by built-in frequency converter and the periphery control, protection, display and the cabinet. It is a drag devices and energy-saving devices to control frequency control of motor speed of three-phase AC...
  • Electrical Box Power Substation Transformer
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    Electrical Box Power Substation Transformer

    Electrical Box Power Substation Transformer Electrical Box Power Substation Transformer is a kind of high voltage switch equipment, distribution transformers and low voltage power distribution equipment,which is a factory indoor, outdoor compact type distribution equipment...
  • Emergency Switchboard
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    Emergency Switchboard

    High voltage/ low voltage switchgear emergency switchboard is used for the protection of generator from overload, short-circuit, under-voltage and extinct voltage, manual and automatic remote control operation, automatic starting of generator, automatic power supply,...
  • Marine Main Switchboard
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    Marine Main Switchboard

    Additional Description For the protection of generator from overload ,short-circuit , under-voltage, extinct-voltage, and reverse power ,generator can be manual coarse synchronization or automatic fine synchronization in parallelling. The generator operates manually singly or...
FENGDE is a professional electrical equipment manufacturer and supplier. Our electrical equipment with CE for sale has been exported to Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South America, and Russia. Welcome to contact our factory to check the price.