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  • Cummins Biomass Generator
  • MWM Natural Generator
  • Cummins Natural Generator
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    Cummins Natural Generator

    Cummins Natural Gas Genset Cummins Series Natural Gas Generator Sets(15-500KW) Market:ewage treatment plants, landfills, farms, alcohol plants, starch plants, food plants, farms, family , etc. Suitable for:Natural gas, oil associated gas, biogas, straw gas and other...Read More
  • Trailer Generator
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    Trailer Generator

    Additional Description Foundgenerator supply cummins trailer generator with good quality, power from 20kw to 1300kw.trailer generator suitable for outdoor works.Towing device is set aside on the wheel chassis to keep balance. Features of Trailer Generator Sets With all the...Read More
  • Container Generator
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    Container Generator

    Additional Description Adopt international standards container , 400-700KVA by 20-feet container, 750-1250KVA in a 40-feet container. container generator is approved by CCS,BV,DNV,ABS classification society, and it save the transport cost since it can be directly used as a...Read More
  • Soundproof Diesel Silent Generator
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    Soundproof Diesel Silent Generator

    Additional Description Silent Diesel Generator Silent generator set are product that the low noise power station is suitable for the place where the noise level is limited.The silent diesel generator's noise level is lower than 70db,it has the features of strong...Read More
  • Perkins Marine Diesel Genset
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    Perkins Marine Diesel Genset

    Additional Description Durable - Highest quality components and world class manufacturing process ensures long life operation. Economic - Exceptionally low fuel consumption, extended service interval and competitive engine parts lower the whole life costs Reliable - Premium...Read More
  • Weichai Marine Diesel Genset
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    Weichai Marine Diesel Genset

    Weichai Marine Diesel Genset Powered by Weichai engine coupled with Marathon Alternator, Stamford, Sunvim, Siemens alternator are optionalRead More
  • Volvo Marine Diesel Genset
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    Volvo Marine Diesel Genset

    Additional Description Power range 77.5KVA-525KVA 62Kw-420Kw 50HZ/1500RPM Powered by Volvo engine coupled with Stamford Alternator, Marathon, Sunvim, Siemens alternator are optional EIAPP (Nox) certificate CCS,BV approved Specification-Volvo series Technical Parameter Notice:...Read More
  • Zichai Marine Diesel Genset
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    Zichai Marine Diesel Genset

    Additional Description ZICHAI marine generator series is one of the famous brand of Chinese marine engine,Marine generator set/Marine Generating Set are suitable for sea areas as draining water ship, tugboat… ZICHAI diesel engine is one of the famous brand of Chinese marine...Read More
  • Cummins Marine Diesel Genset
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    Cummins Marine Diesel Genset

    ​Advantages of Cummins engine: with the feature of superior performance, high combustion efficiency, fuel efficiency and can provide strong driving force, good durable(in use) economic, easy maintenance, and long continuous running, etc.Read More
  • Volvo Industry Diesel Genset
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    Volvo Industry Diesel Genset

    Additional Description VOLVO diesel generator set,It also include alternator, base frame, connecting flange, fuel tank, and control system, etc. 2.Alternator Engine can be coupled with SUNVIM, STAMFORD, LEORY SOMER, MARATHON alternator according to customers’ demand....Read More