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  • Frequency Conversion Cabinet
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    Frequency Conversion Cabinet

    Frequency conversion cabinet Frequency conversion cabinet is composed by built-in frequency converter and the periphery control, protection, display and the cabinet. It is a drag devices and energy-saving devices to control frequency control of motor speed of three-phase AC...Read More
  • Electrical Box Power Substation Transformer
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    Electrical Box Power Substation Transformer

    Electrical Box Power Substation Transformer Electrical Box Power Substation Transformer is a kind of high voltage switch equipment, distribution transformers and low voltage power distribution equipment,which is a factory indoor, outdoor compact type distribution equipment...Read More
  • Emergency Switchboard
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    Emergency Switchboard

    High voltage/ low voltage switchgear emergency switchboard is used for the protection of generator from overload, short-circuit, under-voltage and extinct voltage, manual and automatic remote control operation, automatic starting of generator, automatic power supply,...Read More
  • Marine Main Switchboard
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    Marine Main Switchboard

    Additional Description For the protection of generator from overload ,short-circuit , under-voltage, extinct-voltage, and reverse power ,generator can be manual coarse synchronization or automatic fine synchronization in parallelling. The generator operates manually singly or...Read More
  • HND Main Engine
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    HND Main Engine

    Additional Description HND is one of the leading suppliers of highly efficient and environmentally friendly systems for energy production. With its understanding of the added value chain, its engineering expertise and innovative ideas, HND is a dependable partner who can...Read More
  • Yuchai Main Engine
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    Yuchai Main Engine

    Additional Description Yuchai marine generator sets produced by Foundgenerator have the advantages of compact structure,small volume,large power reserve,stable operation,good speed control performance and high reliability…… Guangxi Yuchai machinery co. Ltd is the largest...Read More
  • Weichai Main Propulsion Engine
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    Weichai Main Propulsion Engine

    Additional Description As one of the biggest engine factory in China. Weichai Group brought Deutz engine technology and acquired Baudouin company from France. You know Baudouin is the military enterprise in France.Weichai marine propulsion engine includes Deutz series,Weichai...Read More
  • ABC Main Engine
  • Cummins Marine Main Diesel Engine
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    Cummins Marine Main Diesel Engine

    Additional Description There’re many reasons to choose Cummins Marine Power. Like toughness and dependability. Fuel efficiency and performance. And now Cummins Marine is perfectly positioned to serve you even better. Cummins success in the marine market began right at the...Read More
  • MWM Hydrogen Generator
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    MWM Hydrogen Generator

    MWM Hydrogen Gas Genset MWM Hydrogen Generator Power: Powered by the MWM technology, engine technology is mature, stable and have a reliable quality, so that it is one of the world's most sophisticated products. (partly) MWM Hydrogen Working System: Engine with...Read More
  • Cummins Hydrogen Genset
  • MWM Biomass Generator
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    MWM Biomass Generator

    The MWM biomass genset is using CKD mode, and in addition to the base and generators , other parts are imported from Germany, so we can guarantee the quality of the machine.MWW world's first brand of gas generator sets, and it is synonymous with high efficiency and high...Read More
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